Appointment as CEO of Krämer AG

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For the past fourteen years, we have been honored to have Dr. Walter R. Meyer as Chairman and CEO of Krämer AG. At the beginning of next year, he’ll be stepping down from his position as CEO, and focus on his role as Chairman. The Krämer Board has nominated Mr. Woody Schoch to become CEO of Krämer AG as of 1st January 2022.

Currently acting as COO of the group, Mr. Schoch has been working for Krämer AG since 2013, assuming various roles and functions within the organization. “We are very pleased that with Woody Schoch we have been able to thoroughly plan and execute a smooth succession planning”, says Dr. Walter Meyer, Chairman of the Board of Krämer AG. Mr. Schoch has a scientific background with more than 20 years of experience in the field of machinery industry for applications in Pharma, Life-Sciences and Laboratory/Biotechnology. Mr Schoch is optimistic: “Despite all challenges and hurdles in our global market I am fully convinced that thanks to a solid and strong foundation we can even get stronger in the years to come.”

Success Story with SwissCo Services AG

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With the installation of the two units at SwissCo Services AG, a long-standing partnership has paid off - once again.
Learn more about the challenges that had to be overcome in this project.

Mr. Torre works as Head of Local Project Management at SwissCo Services AG and was in close contact with Krämer AG during and after the project phase. Both sides were able to benefit from the respective expertise and support, so that the best possible solution was implemented.

Mr. Torre please explain briefly who SwissCo Services AG is and what the company manufactures?
Since 1968, SwissCo Services AG (Member of the Aenova Group) has been a reliable partner for development and contract manufacturing of solid dosage forms. We are specialized in handling moisture-sensitive APIs and products and can offer all relevant technologies from manufacturing to packaging.

What has been a challenge for you in production?
The main aim of the project was to increase the output of the entire tablet press. For this, a so-called segment turret had to be integrated into the tablet press and qualified. However, the existing deduster would not have had the necessary dedusting and conveying capacity to cope with the new output. For this reason, the solution with new dedusters including V5000 12-way diverter system was developed in cooperation with Krämer AG. The new KD7015A system is much quieter, more efficient and dust tight, which is an important side effect in terms of occupational safety of our operators.
Another challenge for the general reconstruction of the room and the upgrade of the tablet press was primarily the narrow time window before the Christmas holidays in 2020 As the tablet press in question is operated 24 hours a day, five days a week. As a result, all trades, deliveries and qualification activities had to be coordinated for the implementation of the two tablet dedusters as well as the associated 12-way diverter systems.

Why did you decide on KAG, what was different compared to the competitors?
We have a long-standing, trustful relationship with Krämer AG. However, the basis for our decision was the technical solution to our requirements. The overall package consisting of technology, service and costs was completely convincing.

Due to the high quality of the systems, Krämer AG can be recommended without reservation. The excellent service and the timely implementation of the projects also contribute to this.

Krämer re-launches two new product lines

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We further develop our product range taking account of important trends in the oral solid dosage for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market. Therefore, we are proud to announce our latest product features of our KD60 and KD70 Series.

Both lines are available as stand-alone or combined units, with immediate effect.

KD70 Series:
With the new KD7015A and KD7035A combi dedusters we are one step closer to the future. Thanks to the new CPU with optimal performance for faster startup, stable operation and OPC UA interface ready for communication to higher-level systems, the new KD70 A-Series is able to stands out from the crowd.

For more Info about KD70 Series

KD6010 Serie:
Thanks to a redesign, the KD60 Series is available now in the following conveying heights: 250, 500 and 750 mm. All product contacting parts are stainless steel. The inlet and outlet can be rotated independently from each other, which gives maximum flexibility for placing the machine in the facility. This deduster offer our unique patented counterweight solution with integrated acceleration sensor . The KD6015 model can be combined with a metal detector by Ceia, Lock or Safeline. 

For more Info about KD60 Series

Our website is getting a new look

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The new year brings exciting changes to Krämer AG!

With the re-launch of our new tablet dedusters KD60 and KD70A Series, our website also gets a refresh. A new experience that makes it easy to find all of our new content.

Thanks to the new design of the start page, you can quickly and accurately find the right products for your applications.
Easily choose according to product category or application.

Product filter
Choose the right machine with the help of our updated product filter.
After you have selected the features you want, you will be taken to the respective product pages.

Product Pages
Thanks to the new design of the product pages, you can enjoy more information about our products.
Among other things, you have access to product specifications, options and the specific factsheets.

Service-Support and Why Krämer? 
Find out why Krämer is the best choice for your dedusting solutions.
Our service and support services are summarized compactly at a glance.


Connect with Krämer on LinkedIn

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Krämer AG now informs its customers directly on LinkedIn. Connect with us to stay up to date and never miss any product news again. We use social media to interact even better with our customers.

This is the only way to ensure that we keep our finger on the pulse of the times and can continuously record customer feedback and market developments and incorporate them into new developments. This gives us and our customers a platform to optimize and develop together.

We are connecting Krämer to China, new Chinese website

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In order to share our continuing innovation that has made Krämer the worldwide leader in tablet dedusting we have launched the Chinese homepage.

We are always building on our experience to develop innovative products for the future and we are happy to share this with the Chinese marketplace.

We invite you to explore our new Chinese website and product range!

Article in "Tablets & Capsules"

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The magazine "Tablets & Capsules" has released an article about Krämer in their March edition. It is available for download in our download section or under the following link:

Download Tablets & Capsules_March_2019.pdf

Customized solutions

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Kramer strives to satisfy our customers project needs by being flexible in our designs.

Our engineering group has developed many customized solutions to fit very specific tablet deduster and capsule polisher project requirements.


Thanks to one of these customized solutions, it is now possible to fill up to twelve different bins with polished capsules.

If you are interested in a customized solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

New ATEX classification

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The pharmaceutical industry often handles products which can create dust environments that are combustible and can form an explosive atmosphere when mixed with oxygen.

In case of ignition of this atmosphere, explosions can occur which can have serious consequences for people, and property.


For Kramer as a machine manufacturer, this means that our deduster and capsule polisher designs take into account all possible operational scenarios, eliminating any ignition sources. This is the reason why Kramer is constantly striving to maintain and keep up-to-date all safety requirements.

Through our innovation and forward-looking vision, we have achieved a new standard in ATEX certification, which makes Kramer machines even safer and more stable than before.

The new ATEX classification* Zone 21  II 2D/- Db 200 °C  is fulfilled by following machine types KCP Series, KD70 DT Series und KD70 WiP Series.

* if the products conform to the safety characteristics described below, the interior of the machine is suitable for use in potentially explosive areas of Zone 21. The installation area of the machine is zone-free.

Continuous-in-Process Controls made easy

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KD7015_QuarantineIn process controls (IPC) are essential in the production of tablets and capsules in order to maintain high quality. During the production process samples are taken to determine tablet quality parameters, such as weight, hardness, thickness and diameter in regular intervals. This test is carried out either close to the tablet press / capsule filling machine, or after de-dusting.



Since this testing takes time and in order to segregate in process tablets from being loaded into the large volume batch intermediate bulk container (IBC) while the testing has verified these parameters, Krämer has developed a filling system, consisting of one or two intermediate surge hoppers, available in different volumes. Thanks to this solution the production process, in the event of non-performance of a quality characteristic, will not be automatically loaded into the IBC. The rejects are limited to the contents of the surge tank and therefore only a fraction of the entire production lot. The system can be combined with all KD70 series dedusters. For the version with two containers, the manual 2-way diverter KV2010 or automatic 2-way diverter KV2020 can be used. At the outlet of the surge hopper a special 4" tri-clamp tablet valve with silicone flap allows smooth feeding of the product into the IBC. Optionally, the levels of the surge hopper can be monitored by means of sensors. The control of the system can be operated either through integrated Krämer controller or via the tablet press / capsule filling machine.

New website launched on our 40th anniversary

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Krämer AG is celebrating its 40th anniversary!

To celebrate our anniversary we launched a new website.


A new and fresh design helps you easily find your way around the site on any device.



filterProduct filter
Choose the right machine for your application using our new filter. After selecting the attributes required, you can easily flip through the recommended products using the arrows on the right and left side of the screen.


Fotos_1Past & Future
40 years after we invented the very first deduster E79 Krämer proudly looks back on countless innovations in the field of dedusting. Have a look at a selection of them in our history.

We are always building on our experience to develop innovative products for the future. We started our 40th year with the introduction of an upward conveying capsule polisher KCP, continuing the innovation that has made Krämer the worldwide leader in tablet dedusting.

To get a picture of our products you can visit us on one of the exhibitions listed in our new sector for trade shows & events.

Article in "Tablets & Capsules"

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The magazine "Tablets & Capsules" has released an article about Krämer in their September edition. It is available for download in our download section or under the following link:

Download Tablets & Capsules_September_2013.pdf

Krämer launches Capsule Polisher

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The new Krämer capsule polisher KCP will elevate, polish and dedust any size of capsule.


The rotational spiral brush designed specifically for capsule applications polishes gently and removes excess dust. The perforated housing allows ideal aspiration of the dust. The device outlet can be fitted with peripherals such as metal detectors, empty capule sorters, diverter switches and slides.

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Krämer launches new line KD70 WIP

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KD7075A-CEIA_01-lightThe knowledge and experience gained over the years allowed the development of another in a long line of Krämer firsts: The WIP deduster introduced in 2000. Pioneering innovations and continuous improvements to meet our customer's requirements have led to the new generation of KD70 WIP dedusters. They set another standard in high-containment (OEB5) in the production of highly active and potent products.

Typical for the KD70 line, the controlling of deduster and peripherals and now  also the programming of the washing sequences are done over one single, user friendly touch-screen.

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Krämer releases new App

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appKrämer has developed a free app for mobile devices to help determine the proper operation of Krämer dedusters excluding models E79, E80 and E92 which are the oldest versions of Krämer dedusters. The app is another in the long line of Krämer tablet deduster innovations.

This handy diagnostic tool senses whether the vibration of the deduster housing is within the proper limits. Use this app to help determine if your Krämer Deduster is running properly. Excessive housing vibration can be an indication that service is required. If the app meter needle stays within the Green zone no service is required, if in the Yellow zone service should be done in the near future, and if in the Red zone service needs to be done immediately.

The Krämer Vibration Meter App. Is optimized for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, and works with iPhone 4, 4S, and select Android phones.

Go to the Apple store and search for “kraemer” or the Google store and search for “kraemer” to access this handy free troubleshooting app.

Access can also be gained through the following links:

For Apple:

For Android:

Krämer launches two new product lines

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Being the pioneer in dedusting, Krämer has developed the next generation of systems catering to all your needs in dedusting, conveying, metal-detection and distribution/handling of tablets and capsules.

Both lines are available as stand-alone or combined units, with immediate effect.

KD7015-LOCK_01-lightKD 7010/7015:
Gain efficiency through using break-through technology, with the first-ever truly integrated controller for the deduster and all peripheral equipment. User-friendly interface, operated with one single touch-screen. Stepless telescopic height adjustment with full 360o of rotation. Unmatched dedusting and conveying performance in a vibration-free housing, combined with Swiss reliability.


KD6015-LOCK-llightKD 6010/6015:
Superior performance based on robust and proven technology, with a track record of many years.  This line also profits from the acceleration sensor that assures a constant vibration of the helix, independent of the load of tablets in the equipment. All you need in a compact design, based on a minimum footprint. Full visualization of the process during all times of the production run.

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Various Helix surfaces

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Select helix according your tablets to achieve optimum results. Passivated (standard), Electropolished or Teflon coated.