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High performance tablet deduster with the latest technology. Tablets are dedusted and conveyed with our unique acceleration control and helix in the most sensitive way  

  • Upward conveying range of 250 to 1500 mm
  • Dust-tight window
  • Quiet operation < 68 dB  acoustic measurements
  • Featuring an acceleration sensor that assures constant vibration, independent of the load / amount of tablets in the deduster
  • Optimum viewing of tablet movement with pivoting and fully removable window
  • Easy height adjustment, full 360° freedom of rotation at tablet inlet
  • Vibration-free housing, patented drive unit
  • Compact design, minimum footprint
  • Easy assembly and disassembly, no tools are needed
  • Easy to clean
  • Classification: Atex Zone II 2D/- Db 140 °C
  • Certification: OEB4 (1 μg/m³ to < 10 μg/m³) acc. SMEPAC
  • Optional, HEPA filter M-class
Conveying heights
250-1500 mm
Conveying Capacity
up to 3,5Mio tph

Tablet inlet Options

The optional tablet inlet adapter connection to the tablet press and upstream equipment with the use of a rectangular tablet inlet 110×70 mm. If the adapter is not being used, a hose can directly be attached to the Tri-Clamp inlet. The inlet can be rotated 360° independent of the outlet. With the use of optional inlet adapters, the deduster is easily adjustable to various tablet press discharge configurations.

Window for easy viewing

The KD7010 and KD7030 dedusters feature a PETG dust tight, hinged, lift off window for easy viewing. The window is gasketed for dust tightness to meet OEB3 and OEB 4 hazardous dust requirements. The window allows easy access to interior of the machine for cleaning disassembly without removing the housing.

Easy to use control panel

The KD7010 and KD7030 utilize the KC7020 frequency controller. The KC7020 utilizes an acceleration sensor in the drive to determine the optimum operating frequency for ease of operation. The LCD screen allows the operator to turn the machine on and off, and to chose the necessary conveying speed to operate with the press. The KC7070 remote operation feature allows for connection and operation through the press controls if so equipped.

Utility Connection Ports

All Krämer dedusters feature a 2 inch Tri-Clamp vacuum dust collection port for ease of assembly of a dust collection hose. The height adjustment of the KD7010 and KD7030 dedusters are enclosed in the drive base housing along with all wiring for a clean arrangement. The base contains a lockable gas strut which allows easy vertical adjustment of the deduster to meet the press outlet height. All wiring is enclosed in the base for an uncluttered look and ease of cleaning. In addition, the power supply cable uses a quick connect plug. The quick connect plug allows for use of preassembled cables for power supply as well as signal wire options.

Dust tight seal membrane

The KD7010 and KD7030 deduster drives are protected from dust by a silicone membrane held down with a bolt down flange seal. The seal membrane protects all of the drive mechanical and electrical components from dust intrusion allowing for long trouble free operation and ease of maintenance.

Containment and ATEX Performance

The KD7010 and KD7030 dedusters have been independently tested and certified to meet OEB 3 and OEB 4 containment levels in accordance with ISPE – SMEPAC requirements as well as the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX-95).


Power Supply

110-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Peak current

3 A

Noise emission (1 m)

< 68 dB(A)

Elevation height

250-500-750-1000-1250-1500 mm

Outlet height

980-2490 mm

Inlet height adjustable

Inlet height

710-895 mm

Total height

1225-2730 mm

Conveying technology

Upward conveying spiral

Drive unit technology

Pat. counter weight


590-500 mm

Product contacting parts

AISI 316L, silicone, PET-G, PUR


55-98 kg

Compressed air

Ø6/4mm, 50-100 l/min (p=1.5-2 bar)

Air extraction

2" tri-clamp, 100-250m3/h (p=10-20 mbar)

Product inlet

2.5" tri-clamp

Product outlet

ISO DN 50 tri-clamp

Protection rating drive unit


Protection rating housing/controller



Backlit LCD Screen with touchpad

Processing of tablets (var. forms ) Ø3-35 mm

Processing of mini/micro-tablets Ø1.5-3 mm

Processing of effervescent tablets Ø25-35 mm

Processing of capsules Nr. 4-00

Conveying speed mini/micro-tablets <Ø2.5 mm

7'500'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø5 mm

3'500'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø13 mm

410'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø20 mm

130'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø25 mm

68'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Oblong 16.3 x 7.6 x 5.7 mm

425'000 tabs/h

Explosion protection ATEX 94/9/EG

II 2D/- Db 140 °C

OEL Level acc. SMEPAC

OEB 3-4

cGMP compliance

CE compliance

Option sample collection

Option helix coating

Option inlet adapter

Option outlet adapter

Option air extraction adapter

Option mini/micro-tablets

Option metal detector test tablet insert device KT2010

Option WIP manual/auto

Option 4 way drain valve system (drain/air exctraction/return)

Option hepa filter

Option empty capsule sorter KCS10

Option jam sensors

Option 2-way diverter manual KV2010 DT/WIP

Option 2-way diverter auto KV2020 DT/WIP

Option 2-12-way diverter auto V40000-V5000 DT/WIP

Option filling level sensors

Option air extraction monitoring

Option validation documentation

Option material certificates

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