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The knowledge and experience gained over the years allowed the development of another in a long line of Krämer firsts: The WIP deduster introduced in 2000. Pioneering innovations and continuous improvements to meet our customer's requirements have led to the new generation of KD70 WIP dedusters. They set another standard in high-containment (OEB5) in the production of highly active and potent products.

  • Upward conveying heights 1200 and 1600 mm
  • Control of the deduster, metal detector, diverter and WIP functions with one touch screen
  • Controller can be placed either on right or left side to guarantee best possible operation
  • Quiet operation < 68 dB
  • Featuring an acceleration sensor that assures constant vibration, independent of the load / amount of tablets in the deduster
  • Vibration-free housing, patented drive unit
  • Compact design, minimum footprint
  • Easy assembly and disassembly, no tools are needed
  • Efficient manual or automatic Wash-in-Place cleaning
  • High-Containment for OEB5 (< 1 μg/m³) applications, including peripherals
  • Classification: Atex Zone II 2D/- Db 140 °C
Conveying heights
1200-1600 mm
Available Metal Detectors
Ceia and Lock WIP

Tablet Inlet

The product inlet utilizes a Tri-Clamp flange for dust tight connections. The inlet can be rotated 360° independent of the outlet. With the use of optional inlet adapters, the deduster is easily adjustable to various tablet press discharge configurations.


Helix with integral highly efficient washing nozzles for minimal water usage, less than 50 l/min. Innovative water supply through helix center column. Modular helix for easy assembly and disassembly, no tools are needed. Helix is capable of handling tablets from diameter 3-35 mm as well as all sizes of capsules.


The KD7075A deduster has a dust-proof and removable PETG window for optimal process insight. The window is sealed against dust and water in order to meet the requirements for hazardous dusts OEB 5. The window allows easy access for easy removal of the helix for cleaning.

Touch screen operator panel

The KD70A Series combined units utilize the KC7070A touch screen controller that allows full control of the deduster, metal detector and diverter if used from the single touchscreen. The KC7070A controller operates with an acceleration sensor in the drive to determine the optimum operating frequency for ease of operation . It also displays the deduster, and metal detector standard operating settings and parameters in one location for ease of operation. It ensures also full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, including user login, recipe- and user-management, audit trails for alarms and full logs during operation. A strong and durable transparent cover protects the touchscreen against falling objects or scratches.


The optional HEPA filter class H14, automatically actuated, ensures the highest safety for the operator.

Drain Valves

The optional 4 way drain valve system can be automatically actuated allowing for easy handling of the dust collection and water drain.

Water Supply

The water supply for the washing sequences of the interior of the deduster and peripheral equipment is routed through the metal detector support column. All cables and pneumatic tubes are routed through the metal detector support column. Optimum cleanability.

Utility Connection Ports

The utility connections for water, air and wiring are all conveniently located on the back of the machine.


Hygienic design enclosures for controller KC7070A and Mediabox KM7070 for easy cleanability. Sloped overhanging top for water runoff, enclosed hinges and gasketed doors prevent trapping of water and dirt. Dust-tight and protection against water jet thanks to IP65 protection class.


Hygienic design enclosures for controller KC7070A and Mediabox KM7070 for easy cleanability. Sloped overhanging top for water runoff, enclosed hinges and gasketed doors prevent trapping of water and dirt. Dust-tight and protection against water jet thanks to IP65 protection class.

Operator Interface

WIP operation with easy well organized interface. Preconfigured or customer specific wash configurations. Individual adjustment of the various sensors. Easy to use WIP communication interface via remote control from the tablet press. Set-up of all WIP functions for reproducible cleaning recipes. Uncomplicated recipe configuration and management. Matrix view of all valves for easy graphical configuration of washing sequences. Valve management can also be configured for blow out and drying program.

KC7070A – A Smart Control System

The KD7075A deduster feature the new KC7070A controller with optional OPC UA machine to machine interface. This new communication protocol, between tablet press and deduster, makes it possible to exchange machine alarms, states and various dedusters functions over TCP/IP. The integrated VNC server allows remote access diagnostics from anywhere for trouble free support to minimize unscheduled downtime. This smart connect product is Industry 4.0 ready.


The KD7075A deduster has been independently tested and certified to meet OEB 5 containment levels in accordance with ISPE – SMEPAC requirements as well as the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX-95).


Power Supply

110-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Peak current

3 A

Noise emission (1 m)

< 68 dB(A)

Elevation height

1200-1600 mm

Outlet height

1305-1708 mm

Inlet height adjustable

Inlet height

471 mm

Total height

2312-2715 mm

Conveying technology

Upward conveying spiral

Drive unit technology

Pat. counter weight


1079-650 mm

Product contacting parts

AISI 316L, silicone, PET-G, PUR


150-193 kg

Compressed air

Ø6/4mm, 50-100 l/min (p=3-6 bar)

Air extraction

2" tri-clamp, 100-250m3/h (p=10-20 mbar)

Water consumption

36-46 l/min

Product inlet

ISO DN 65 tri-clamp

Product outlet

2.5" tri-clamp

Protection rating drive unit


Protection rating housing/controller



7" touchscreen

Metaldetector models

Ceia THS/PH21 N WIP , Lock Insight WIP

Metaldetector sensitivities

Ceia SS316L=0.40 / FE=0.25 / N-FE=0.30 , Lock SS316L=0.50 / FE=0.30 / N-FE=0.35

Processing of tablets (var. forms ) Ø3-35 mm

Processing of mini/micro-tablets Ø1.5-3 mm

Processing of effervescent tablets Ø25-35 mm

Processing of capsules Nr. 4-00

Conveying speed mini/micro-tablets <Ø2.5 mm

10'300'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø5 mm

6'300'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø13 mm

574'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø20 mm

240'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø25 mm

95'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Oblong 16.3 x 7.6 x 5.7 mm

770'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 4

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 3

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 2

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 1

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 0

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 00

250'000 caps/h

Explosion protection ATEX 94/9/EG

II 2D/- Db 140 °C

OEL Level acc. SMEPAC


cGMP compliance

CE compliance

Option sample collection

Option helix coating

Option inlet adapter

Option outlet adapter

Option air extraction adapter

Option mini/micro-tablets

Option metal detector test tablet insert device KT2010

Option WIP manual/auto

Option 4 way drain valve system (drain/air exctraction/return)

Option hepa filter

Option empty capsule sorter KCS10

Option jam sensors

Option 2-way diverter manual KV2010 DT/WIP

Option 2-way diverter auto KV2020 DT/WIP

Option 2-12-way diverter auto V40000-V5000 DT/WIP

Option filling level sensors

Option air extraction monitoring

Option validation documentation

Option material certificates

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